Start Your Day With Nashville's Best Cup of Coffee

Coffee is the go to pick me up for most local Nashvillian and we are the supplier of the best coffee in Nashville. Our little Nashville Coffee Shop has been sourcing fair trade coffee into Nashville for the better part of a decade. We roast the best coffee beans in Nashville daily. The smell that comes from the beans being roasted can be smelled from blocks away early in the morning and it starts bringing the crowds around. We serve cold brew coffee, iced coffee, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Mochas, Lattes and the best hot chocolate in Nashville. We also have a wide range of teas, both hot and cold. Our chai tea is made from scratch with fresh spices and our green tea is always organic. Our smoothies are made with real fruit and yogurt and we only use locally sourced honey in everything. Come on by today for the best cup of coffee in Nashville!

If you're looking for the perfect cup of coffee, exploring different types of specialty coffees is a must. From macchiatos and mochas to cappuccinos and espressos, there's something to suit every taste! Here's what each type of specialty coffee has to offer:

Macchiatos are espresso-based beverages that have been topped with just a small amount of foamed milk. The result is a bold yet smooth flavor that’s sure to wake you up in the morning!

Mochas are similar to macchiatos but contain more chocolate syrup or powder, giving them a richer flavor than traditional espresso drinks. This indulgent drink is ideal for anyone who’s a fan of sweet, chocolatey coffee.

Cappuccinos are made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foam. This creates a light and creamy drink that is perfect for those who like their coffee on the lighter side.

Espressos are concentrated shots of espresso without any added dairy or sugar. It has an intense flavor that is sure to pick you up and keep you going!

Finally, lattes are made with two shots of espresso combined with steamed milk. There’s no foam involved in this one, so it has a delicious balance between boldness and creaminess. Whether you take it black or add your favorite flavored syrup to it, a latte is always a great way to start the day.

So, if you’re looking for delicious coffee that’s sure to satisfy, try one of these specialty coffees! Each one has something unique and special to offer, so why not give them all a try? You're sure to find one (or more!) that will become your new go-to drink. Cheers!

When you purchase fair trade coffee beans, it’s not just about the amazing cup of coffee that you get to enjoy – the impact goes much further. Buying fair trade helps ensure a better deal for farmers and workers in developing countries, who otherwise may be subject to exploitation and poverty. It also supports sustainable farming practices and protects our environment.

Not only do fair trade coffee beans contribute to a better life for those in the coffee community, they also give consumers assurance that they’re getting a high-quality product. Each batch of coffee beans is carefully inspected and certified by an independent organization to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality, flavor, and consistency. This means you can be sure that your cup of joe will taste great every time!

Plus, when you buy fair trade coffee beans, you’re helping to build relationships between farmers and consumers, creating more direct connections between people involved in the production chain. This helps foster greater trust and understanding between all parties, which can lead to long-term partnerships that benefit everyone in the coffee community.

Finally, when you purchase fair trade coffee beans, you’re showing your support for a sustainable future. When we all come together to make a concerted effort towards creating a better world for everyone in the coffee industry, it can have an amazing impact on our environment and society as a whole! So why not brew up some positivity by buying fair trade coffee today? Doing so is sure to provide benefits to both you and the entire coffee community.

The best coffee in Nashville can be found at our little shop on the corner of 12th and Broad! We've been sourcing and roasting fair trade coffee beans for the better part of a decade, and we know how to make a mean cup of joe. From cold brews to cappuccinos, mochas to lattes. We hope you come out to Music City Coffees soon to experience our coffee products in all their glory in Nashville.

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